Cannon Beach, OR | cultivate workshop

As most of you know, I was able to attend a photography workshop back in June. I loved it so much. I learned a ton, and I feel like my photography took 10 steps forward. My hope is to attend a workshop every year. It’s so nice to take some time to refresh, learn from other creatives, and have conversations with other people who have similar goals.

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Wright Family

The Wright’s invited me out to their family’s farm for a quick little shoot (it was freezing) I had such a lovely time with them. They are obviously the cutest, and very photogenic… making my job pretty simple. I loved their interaction. They are very laid back with their kiddos. They just let them be who they are, even if that meant grouchy face pictures. No forced smiles allowed, and I loved that. You’ll notice quite a few photos of Lauren and Sam.. no matter what kind of session I am shooting, I always find myself trying to get as many couples portraits in as I can. Thank you so much, Wright family, for allowing me the privilege to capture your love in the way that I saw it. 

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Amsterdam // England // Ireland

I wish I could do a whole write up of our trip over to England, but I really can’t put words to how I feel about that trip. Every time I think about it, I get those warm fuzzy feelings. We went with some of the BEST people in this world. We laughed, we drank,  the conversation was all good, and we experienced several other cultures together as friends. Whether we were listing to Irish music in an Irish pub, or walking through a field, we were having the best time. It was a dream. Danielle and Chad, we are SO thankful for your friendship (xo)

A couple of our closest friends got engaged! ahh! And we are so happy for them! I get to shoot Eden and Donnie’s wedding next year and Cury gets to marry them! We are the luckiest people.  Cheers to you guys!

We stayed with locals (friends of our friends) who are some of the kindest most beautiful souls I have ever met. They opened their home to us, drove us all over the place, and even took us on a few adventures. Angie and Stephan, I love you both and cannot thank you enough for your hospitality. I hope we can repay you some day.

Plus, we made a few other friends (family to our friends) who spent time with us, drove us places, and showed us a real good time. We love you, Nan + Alan! xo

So, I’ll just let the photos do the rest of the talking. cheers! 

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Venice, Italy

Onto part two of our Italian adventure…

Cury and I both walked away from Venice with mixed feelings, but before I get to all of that, let me first talk about our travel from Florence to Venice. That has always been the most intimidating thought about European travel before I went myself. First, It’s not nearly as confusing as you would think. All of the train station’s and airport’s signs had an English version of instructions on them- just like the multiple languages you see on our signs here in the States. So, you WILL be able to figure out how to get where you’re going. The train station in Florence was called, “Trenitalia” we paid €66/ticket and we arrived in Venice in 2.5 hours. 

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casey + ryan // in home session

These lovely humans invited me into their home (their first home together) and I am so grateful for the opportunity. They are currently in the process of completely gutting the house and remodeling it. I am filled with admiration for these two.  I loved the idea of shooting their session in their uncompleted house. It gave me the opportunity to be creative in using surrounding elements that I’m not used to. Plus, how cool for their (someday) kiddos to be able to look at these images of their parents at the beginning of their journey together, chasing their dreams, and being completely in love. Thank you, Casey & Ryan! 

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f l o r e n c e

If I could sum up our trip to florence in one word, it would have to be the Italian word, saporito! It translates in English to, “flavorful”. Which is exactly what Florence was to me in more ways than one. There is of course the given  – the food. spaghetti, pizza, burrata cheese, gelato, wine, fresh veggies, and decadent cappuccinos. ugh, I could go on and on. . . but then there was the history. There was so much history to see all around us. There are buildings older than our country! The sculptures told us stories of another time, the city walls made us feel like we were in a movie from the medieval times, and even the streets themselves are still made up of cobblestones. Then of course the art. We didn’t get to go to one museum while we were in Italy (the only disappointment) but the art was everywhere, and that was probably my favorite flavor.

I kept a journal as we explored Italy. I wanted to remember EVERYTHING. And since I wrote down everything, I will probably overshare 😉

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