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20140822_7155My sister and I took a little vacation this past August to California. Neither of us had been West of Michigan, so we were dying to see if it would live up to all its hype. The pictures speak for themselves, so all I’ll say is, it did! We will definitely be returning as soon as possible. We have already started searching for tips on California travel. If you have any tips or must see attractions, please let us know! 

So, we left for Los Angeles from Detroit early Wednesday morning. After we hopped off the plane at LAX 😉 we were SO giddy. Half, excited to be in California and the other half, excited that we booked a trip, checked in our bags, got our bags, and found the right hotel shuttle without any issues. ha! I am in love with the idea of travel, but unfortunately haven’t done it much. But I am on a mission to change that 😉

We stayed at The Crown Plaza LAX in Los Angeles. The hotel was fantastic. Our room was neat and clean, the bar downstairs was delectable, the shuttle bus was around the corner, every car rental place was within walking distance, and there were several restaurants surrounding the hotel. We booked out trip pretty cheap – for several reasons – we booked the trip 5 months in advance. We booked through Expedia, and though our hotel was awesome, it did have a business trip feel to it. Lexi and I both said we would stay there again.


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Our first day was so fun and exciting, but after everything slowed down, we were so tired and hungry! We rode the shuttle bus over to Manhattan Beach (about 15 minutes from the hotel) grabbed some food and a couple drinks, watched the sunset, then went back to the hotel for sleep. We wanted to absorb every second we were there, so we knew we had to get sleep at least one night.


We rented our little car on day 2 (another huge accomplishment for me. yay!) Then headed to Hollywood.

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We didn’t want to do all the tourist-y stuff, but we knew we had to see all this stuff at some point in life. Sunset boulevard, the Hollywood walk of fame, and the Hollywood sign. We even got talked into tagging along on a tour bus. . And I would like to thank my dad for making me question every person’s intentions while on vacation. I was so worried the world was waiting to screw us over. ha! but it really was’t like that at all. We met some really nice people. But don’t worry, Dad, I didn’t trust a soul 😉


Our opinion on In and Out Burger – It was great and their service was exceptional! We like Five Guys equally as much – maybe even better. But you have to try it if you go. It’s all the rage there.


Our favorite day was the day we took a road trip up the Pacific coast Highway. That trip was incredible. If we hadn’t had a final destination that we needed to get to before sunset, we would have stopped every mile or so for pictures. It was gorgeous. Our destination was the Bixbie Bridge at Big Sur. Our phones read that it would be a 5 hour journey, but after stopping at several vista points, fueling up, lunch, and getting lost in the desert once – it took more like 9 hours! But it was an incredible journey. Any road trip with Lex is a good one.


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Then we finally reached Bixby Bridge and it. was. glorious.  I had never felt so tiny in my entire life. 20140822_715520140822_713720140822_7148

We met this guy. He called himself Campbell Rabbit. He lives at the bridge and He was such a happy soul. He had Lex and I laughing quite a bit. And how cute is that bunny family! 20140822_716520140822_717420140822_717220140822_717520140822_7213 After the longest drive, we stayed there until the sun set. It was so hard to leave, but Los Angeles was calling from 341 miles away. And I didn’t want to do those narrow turns  around the mountain and ocean in the dark.

Big Sur, you changed us forever. You reminded me of how big and beautiful the world really is. And you gave me the sweetest memories with my sister. And I cannot tank you enough for it.

20140822_7260The following day, we headed to Burbank to get a tour of Warner Brothers studio. We were told by several that it was a must see. And I’m glad we went. We got to see where they filmed hundreds of movies and some of our favorite television shows. . . Friends and Gilmore girls. We saw where Phoebe ran through Central Park, Where Dean pushes Jess into the lake, Starshallow, and even Central Perk.


We only got to see the outside of Ellen’s studio, but it was still pretty freakin cool. After Warner Brothers, we attempted to get a better look at the famous Hollywood Sign, but didn’t have much luck since the road to the sign was under construction.


We then headed to Marina Del Rey for a movie at the dine-in theater.  Yes, we saw a movie on vacation, but we were beat, and we were both looking forward to seeing the 100 Foot Journey. The movie was good, but being tired and sitting in a comfy recliner while being served food only made us fall asleep. ha! Oh well, the relaxation was nice.

On our last day we took the shuttle bus to a shopping center with a huge Anthropologie. We were in heaven. We grabbed some fish tacos for lunch and had to run across the parking lot to stop our shuttle from leaving us. Then off to the beach!



we headed back to the room to drop off our stuff, then headed down to the vending machine for a midnight snack rendezvous. Didn’t find much so we ordered room service and wine instead. We had fun hanging out our last night, but ugh, How could it be our last night? We were bumming. . hard.

Breakfast in the morning then off to LAX and back to reality.

California, we love you!


  1. Jes January 23, 2015

    Sisters are the best! What a great trip, LA is a great place to “visit”, if you make it out there again be sure to go to San Pedro and Venice Beach.

    • klavoyphoto January 23, 2015

      Jes, I looked up info on San Pedro after reading your comment… I am already searching trips on Expedia to stay there. It looks so beautiful! thanks for the tip!

  2. Mecca January 23, 2015

    This was the best imaginary trip I’ve been on with my granddaughters!!! Great job narrating the whole thing!! Thank you for sharing!! LUWB !!

    • klavoyphoto January 24, 2015

      Thanks, Meks! We need to get to Florida soon! I have been dreaming of palm trees 🙂


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