Cannon Beach, OR | cultivate workshop

As most of you know, I was able to attend a photography workshop back in June. I loved it so much. I learned a ton, and I feel like my photography took 10 steps forward. My hope is to attend a workshop every year. It’s so nice to take some time to refresh, learn from other creatives, and have conversations with other people who have similar goals.

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casey + ryan // in home session

These lovely humans invited me into their home (their first home together) and I am so grateful for the opportunity. They are currently in the process of completely gutting the house and remodeling it. I am filled with admiration for these two.  I loved the idea of shooting their session in their uncompleted house. It gave me the opportunity to be creative in using surrounding elements that I’m not used to. Plus, how cool for their (someday) kiddos to be able to look at these images of their parents at the beginning of their journey together, chasing their dreams, and being completely in love. Thank you, Casey & Ryan! 

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Yolanda and Chris | garden engagement session


Yolanda + Chris = magic. I was incredibly happy with these photos from this sweet couple’s session. I loved the feeling I had the each time I snapped a shot of them. With Yolanda’s chic sense of style, a beautiful backdrop, and a couple in love- I couldn’t take a bad picture.

location: Toledo Botanical Gardens  |  Yolanda’s dress: Windsor

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Laura + Jeremy’s Lake Michigan engagement session

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura at the Whimsical Occasions bridal expo last March. We hit it off right from the start. After meeting her fiancé, Jeremy (and a few hours at Vin Bar) I knew I had to have some part in their wedding and they knew I was their photographer  <3 They are such a happy, fun-loving, sweet, and incredibly beautiful couple. For their engagement session, they took me out to Jeremy’s family’s Lake house on Lake Michigan, where I got to meet Laura’s kiddos, Teddy and Nate. It was completely worth the hike up there. Take a look for yourself. Laura + Jermey, I’m already giddy for your June wedding!!

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Dani + Sean

Dani + Sean, you are totally that couple that every photographer wants to have in front of their camera. I could not take a bad photo of you two! Complete naturals.

Dani emailed me before the shoot to warn me that they are awkward and have never had pictures done. (most of my clients tell me this) It’s normal to be be nervous when you’re being photographed. I, myself, would way rather be behind the camera than in front of it. But the key to a great photo session is being natural, not acting natural, being natural and being yourself. Dani and Sean are masters at being themselves. They talked to each other the whole time. Sean would make a face at her during the “gaze into each other’s eyes shots” and Dani would burst into laughter. Even when they were laughing hysterically, they looked freakin adorable. I had the best time getting to know them a little better, and I am so excited for their big day this July!!

**This session took place at the Toledo Botanical Gardens in Toledo, Ohio**

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Ashleigh + Dean

Ashleigh, Dean, and I settled on shooting at Heritage Park in Adrian, Michigan. I’ve shot there many times, and they walk their dogs there often, so we all knew what backdrop we were working with. I am oh-so-thankful that we decided on this location. Ashleigh and Dean have explored Heritage Park so much more than I have! I almost forgot where I was at one point. They showed me places that I will definitely be revisiting.

Ashleigh and Dean were up for anything during their session- making it fun and successful. they climbed rocks, crossed marshy grounds, and even walked across a couple of pretty sketchy bridges. Some of the best photos came from some adventurous feats. Ashleigh and Dean are getting married in August, and I cannot wait to capture more of their one-of-a-kind love.


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Hannah & Thomas // engaged

Hannah + Thomas’s  end of Summer engagement session was a complete dream! I think this it’s my favorite engagement session to date. We had perfect light. Perfect light + two people in love = perfect pictures 🙂

I have the privilege of photographing their wedding this August, and to say that I am excited is an understatement.

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