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It’s been impossibly difficult to keep up with the blog side of this website. Mostly due to it being the slower season, but also because I have been taking full advantage of the time off. It’s been nice to be lazy for once! But, in my laziness, I have been doing a lot of online browsing/shopping. And I’ve come across a lot of great products. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d share a few unique gift ideas for a special lady in your life. I’ve also attached a playlist to get you in that love-y Valentines mood. Enjoy and happy shopping!


+ this Frida Kahlo print.

+ how beautifully feminine and artsy is this set?!

+ i’ll take 50 of these cuties!

+ i’ve never tries this look, but i may have to now…

+ Cury and I are headed for Italy in April (have I mentioned that here yet?)

+ i love these. i have three of them, but i want one in every color.

+ i know i’m a little behind in not having one of these, but it’s on my list, “things to buy before Italy trip”

+ and just because i love this woman’s voice so much.

+ cute, cute, cute!


11025843_10204846763023834_9186446056851100054_oI would like to introduce you to Jessica. She is my sweet sister-in-law’s sister. Jessica and Ashley, and their brothers, Jake and Josh have been faced with tragedy over the past three months. Their dad, Roger, was in a terrible motorcycle accident at the beginning of the Summer. I’ll let you hear from Jessica on the entire situation as she so graciously tells her dad’s story below. I told Jessica that I wanted to help her spread Roger’s spirit as far as we possibly can, because Roger’s spirit is worth sharing. To me, Roger has always been a man that spoke with his demeanor, spirit, and eyes much more than his words. I have aways loved Roger, in fact, everyone I know that knows Roger loves Roger. It’s impossible not to. When I first met him, I had the same feeling with him as I had when Ash and I first met, and then Jessica. There’s just something about them that’s warm and sincere without a word being said. I think that’s something that’s still happening through Roger. He isn’t able to speak, but he’s still spreading his spirit through his children. They have been an inspiration. They are so strong, so wise, and so full of love. Please “like” “share” and help spread #cranes4roger.

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Freckled-fox-maternity-style2smallI came across Emily’s blog, The Freckled Fox, quite sometime ago. I fell in love with it. She shares so many great hair tutorials, make up tips, date night ideas, and so many other fun ideas. What I love the most about her blog and Instagram account is her transparency and authenticity. She’e the real deal, sincere and full of grace. She and her husband, Martin have grown their family 5x in the last 5 years! I can’t even imagine! But they seem to adore their life with their five little ones. The_freckled_fox_casual_valentines_day_2smallE63B5212

I was completely heartbroken for this sweet family when Martin was diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma. She was pregnant with #5 at the time. And it has been truly incredible to have watched her handle this sad and scary time with so much grace and gratitude. She wrote an update on Martin here about a week and a half ago. The doctors had told them that Martin had only a few weeks left of life at best.  Freckled-fox-maternity-style5small

You can read more details on Martin here, and listen to Emily on Periscope here. I can’t Stop thinking about the Meyers family. Life can be so completely unfair. I would like to host some mini sessions to raise some money to help Emily pay for the Medical expenses, and just to be able to help this family feel loved and supported. The_freckled_fox_casual_valentines_day_1smallFreckled-fox-maternity-style10small

Since I am in the middle of wedding season, the mini sessions are going to be kind of last minute and during the week.

The mini sessions will be held at the Hidden Lake Gardens Conservatory building (here) this Thursday, June 16th from 4:30PM-6:30PM


-30 minutes of coverage

-$25+ professionally edited high resolution images

-an online gallery and a disc

-the rights to print

100% will be donated to Emily and Martin’s funding page found here. If you are interested in booking a half hour slot, email me:, contact me through my Facebook page, or visit the “contact tab” above.


**Images by In Frames Photography**

Monday links | series | 11

20141108_1487***this picture is an oldie, but one of the best!***

I am going to have another go at this weekend links series only it won’t be weekend links. Let’s call it Monday Links 🙂 I love it and miss it, so here it is, people.

Cheers to a good week!


+ a unique gift for the one you love.

+ how cute are these?!

+ household item, or beauty product? how about both!

+ i need this jewelry in my life.

+ so cute!

+ my girl, Cassandra Eldridge, made a great list of valentine’s day ideas. I thought they could also make great date night ideas.

+ we saw Chris Young this month. If he’s coming to your area, go buy tickets now!

+ and more ring dishes because you need one in every room.

+ if you’re getting married- how cute is this idea?!

+ this dress is perfection.


R+F update

Hey everyone! It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything on here and I hate that. I even made a few goals to blog more this year, and I haven’t followed through at all and it’s already February!!

Anyway, I have a few exciting projects coming up, and I will be sure to fill you in 🙂

Do you remember way back in September, I wrote about the beginning of my journey with Rodan + Fields? Well,  I would like to follow up on that post and give it a review. Before I do that, take a look at my before and after shots…


I was using the Unblemish regimen because that’s what the R+F test recommended to me. I am very happy with the results. I didn’t have one breakout during my 60 days, and almost all of my scaring disappeared. I was amazed! I also noticed changes in my skin tone. I no longer had blotchy red marks, and my face just looked brighter.

For the Unblemish regimen, it’s important to ease your skin into the product. I started out doing one regimen every other day for the first week. I then increased to one regimen every day. Then the third week I increased to two regimens per day (morning and night) I learned that my skin is pretty sensitive, and I ended up having to cut back to one regimen every other day after week three. I had an issues with my skin drying out. And with all the dryness came with extremely itchy skin! eventually I was able to ease into two regimens every day, it just took me some time. So, if you have sensitive skin, don’t get too hasty at the beginning. Because of this issue with me, I felt like a took a little while longer to notice results. But when I did start seeing some changes, It felt amazing!

My favorite part of the Unblemish Regimen – no oily face! I keep oil blotting sheets in my purse at all times, but I didn’t have to use them at all while using this product. YAY!

So, what’s next for me… Well, I love R+F. They have most definitely won me over. I would love to try a new regimen. I would love to see what the Reverse Regimen could do for me. After taking all these close up shots of myself, I have noticed TOO many fine lines. HOW IN THE WORLD DO I HAVE THAT ISSUE AT 24 YEARS OLD?!?!?! 🙁 So, I think that’s what’s next for me along with drinking more water and taking better care of health…

If you would like to try R+F for yourself, you can follow this link to get started. Feel free to ask Kayla any questions you may have. She’s the sweetest, and she truly has a passion for helping women feel comfortable in their own skin.


organic editorial



Dress: BHLDN

Hair: Jessie Skeels at Bad Hair Day? salon

Earrings: Anthropologie 

Neck tie & suspenders: The Grunion Run

Grooms Attire: thrifted (Banana Republic sweater and pants)

Cuff links: – Tanja Sova

Tie clip: – Bairds Cajun Carvings 

Cake: Zingerman’s Bakehouse

**table scape was thrifted & florals were purchased at Trader Joe’s** 


mini sessions

Here is a chance to get your family Christmas pictures done.  It should be a fun day- doughnuts, coffee, and hot cocoa for the kiddos. Ladies, you can tell your husbands and kids that it will be a quick and easy 30 minutes 😉

Let me know what time slot you’d like. I already have three spots filled!




my journey to healthier skin // 01

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with skin care. I’m always looking at the drug store for the latest skin care product. I suppose there are worse addictions to have 😉  Skin care is hugely important for not only your self esteem, but also for your health.

All of that to say, there is a new skin care line that I’m trying. You’ve probably seen it all over Facebook. This company has exploded overnight!  Kayla – friend of mine from college who is a consultant for Rodan + Fields – and I are teaming up to show you the magic of this company’s product.  I am going to give it a shot and share my honest opinions, as well as my results with all of you, and the timing couldn’t have been better. I had just finished my bottle of Jāsön face wash, and I was feeling ready for a change. People are obsessed with R+F, and the before and after images of people are noticeably different.. sometimes shockingly different.


Finding out my regimen couldn’t have been easier.  All you have to do is take a quick quiz covering your skin type, problem areas, and what results you’d like to see. And after that, they put you into a category designed to give you the results you’re looking for. I fell into the UNBLEMISH category  to brighten up and even out my skin tone, and reduce the inflammation in my pores. After that step, Kayla will process your order and the regimen will arrive right on your doorstep.  It’s a quick 4 step process, and one thing I can tell you already: it’s good smelling and very light. I hate the greasy, not so pretty film most products leave on my face. That hasn’t been an issue with R+F. Also, I love that I can fit everything into my makeup bag if I need to carry it with me.


Here is my before picture. I’m not a girl who wears makeup everyday anyway, so I have no shame in posting this on here for everyone to see, but I felt totally insecure after zooming in on my eyes only to find WAY too many fine lines and gigantic pores. Yikes!


I can’t wait to see what changes my skin will go through as I do the 60 day trial (fingers crossed for less redness, and smaller pores?!) I will be taking note of my progress on here once a week to keep you posted.  If you want to try some of the products out for yourself,  visit this site to get started.



*this post was sponsored, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*