Jaci’s senior session was fun and beautiful and actually quite exciting as it was my first time using a smoke grenade as a prop. This poor girl had to watch me go back and forth over using the smoke grenade or not using it. It was so intimidating to me. There are a ton of warning labels on it.. “WARNIG: do not tip over.” “In case of fire…” “Keep away from heat to avoid explosion” yeah, explosives are not my cup of tea. But, when Jaci headed to the car for a wardrobe change, I pulled out my phone and looked up a YouTube video on how to properly release a smoke grenade, and I just went for it. I’m so glad we did too, because, just look at it. It’s dramatic, it’s unique, and it’s a ton of fun.

So, thanks, lady for being patient with me. I wish you the very best for your finale year of high school! Cheers! xo


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20160913_7994so, each time I look through the images from Carrie’s senior session, I feel as though I am looking at an Urban Outfitters catalog… how beautiful is this girl?! I was a little nervous going into this session as I mostly have experience with couples. During my sessions with couples, I do very little forced posing. It’s mostly me just following them around whatever venue we decided on, asking them questions about themselves, and snapping away with the camera as they naturally love on each other. It’s a whole new world when there is only one person involved. But not only did Carrie nail all the poses I came up with, but she somehow took them to the next level. I was so impressed. Thank you for being up for anything, lady. You’re stunning -xoxo

location: Hidden Lake Gardens 


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