twenty six

This is a delayed post, but I turned twenty-six on the 25th of February. It was a birthday celebration week. I told Cury a long time ago that birthdays for us will always be a week long celebration because… why not? I love birthdays. Not getting older, but I have always loved that it’s a day that is completely your own and everyone around you is celebrating  your life. It’s a special thing, and I love it. My parents have always done well in celebrating our birthdays, so that’s probably where my love for birthdays came from.

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new Ikea favs

If you know us (or if you have been in our house) you know Cury and I love Ikea. In fact, it freaks me out when people say that they have never been there. . what are you waiting for?! Their stuff is beautiful and affordable! Yes, every now and then we come to realize why something was so cheap.. but for the most part, it’s great! I thought I would share a few things that I will be keeping an eye out for on our next trip. All the items are from the VIKTIGT collection.

If you have any Ikea favorites, feel free to let me in on it 🙂 viktigt-bowl-set-of-__0443790_PH132762_S4

$19.99 VIKTIGT glass bowls set of 2


$14.99 VIKTIGT bamboo dish


$12.99 VIKTIGT chopping board


$19.99 VIKTIGT serving plate set of three


$24.99 VIKTIGT basket


$39.00 VIKTIGT rattan chair


***this post was not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own. All images above are from the Ikea website***

front patio revamp / inspiration

cury and i have decided to invest a little money into the outside of our home. we practically live outside during the warm months, so we should have a space that is comfortable and inviting. i’ve been pinning things like a madwoman – don’t you love pinterest? I needed an idea to solve our total lack of privacy problem, and after a few  minutes on pinterest – problem solved. i know exactly what we need to do, and an affordable way to do it.

here’s what i’m thinking to help with the privacy issue (source) i want something that will give a little privacy, but not completely shut us off from the world. we currently have a rickety brick wall that’s about to fall over at any minute. so we will knock that down. I’m hoping to find some pallet wood to replace the brick wall with something like the image below. I love the idea of planting the grass in the wall to give some subtle privacy and a lush look. This source actually has a ton of great ideas worthy of checking out. Yard-and-Patio-Privacy-WooHome-1

i love lights hanging outside, and our current set up makes it difficult to hang lights properly. (this will be hard to explain, so bear with me) i was thinking that we could add a trellis of some kind, plant some climbing florals, and attach the lights from the roof to the top of the trellis. got it? don’t worry, i will followup with before and after shots. i also liked the idea below for a cheap pergola look. DIY-Texas-Lamp-Posts450Outdoor-Patio-String-Lights-10-1-Kindesign

we desperately need to side our house. siding can be expensive!! thankfully i know an incredible company, clear vision windows and siding. we will be using them since they did our roof and windows a couple years back, and we were so pleased with the prices and quality. to help save a little money on the siding, i’ve been trying to think of some creative ways to use a potentially great space on the house. i’m thinking we can cover the space with pallet wood (to match the new wall) and we could hang a vertical herb garden from it like the photo below. i think it would be beautiful, and we wouldn’t have to side that portion of the house. win! win! will12

we have a giant area for a garden directly in front of the brick wall. i know it could be beautiful, and i am going to try to make it so. the only thing (as you know) is that i have a black thumb – a cold, dead, plant killing black thumb. i will be reaching out for advice on here when the time comes, and i will NEED YOU TO HELP ME! i’ve been contemplating making it a vegetable garden, but i feel like that’s asking for trouble. and i don’t think it gets enough sun in the day (i seriously have no idea, but that’s my guess) so i think it will be a hasta/floral, bush garden. more on that later…

and finally, as for furniture, we have already purchased this table and these chairs from target. we purchased a few nautical decorations from world market – here, here, and here. i literally cannot stop buying stuff for outside. ugh. damn you, target and your beautiful reasonably priced merchandise.

i hope you’re having  a fabulous week, and i hope that wherever you are – the sun is shining.

monday links | series | 12

12799179_1161853643865586_3109144941336025876_nHappy Monday/Spring break for many people, though it doesn’t seem like Spring break to me when it’s 30 degrees outside.

Here’s what’s new with me…

One- Lex, Cury, and I are about to venture into the world of the Stash Plan. Have you heard of it? (links below) Two- I just wrapped up my first bridal expo. It was incredible. I met so many wonderful people. It was good for my soul to hear so much positive feedback on my booth and my work. I couldn’t have done it without my awesome team – Cury, My mom, Zach and Lexi Lou. And Three- Cury and I just ordered some patio furniture. We are so excited to use it! There will be many new memories shared with friends and family and each other around that patio furniture.

Tip of the week: Enjoy your week, don’t wish it away! Of course we all love the weekends, but don’t live for them. Life will seem even shorter.

Here are some new links to make the cold a little more bearable. Hang in there!

+I came across this blog recently, and I love it <3 my thought as I read through her posts was that the way she writes looks just as delicious as the recipes she writing about. That’s a beautiful thing.

+Here are a few lovely Instagram accounts I’ve started following here, here, and here.

+I just bought this swimsuit on line over the weekend, and I am so excited to get it!!

+ I’ll take two, please!

+If I were braver…. 

+Here is the Stash Plan I’ve been talking so much about. We will be documenting along the way on Instagram, here, and Facebook. So follow along 🙂


**photo credit: Lexi LaVoy’s Snapchat (user name: lexilavoy) (case sensitive) Cherry Creek Winery for my 25th birthday.


R+F update

Hey everyone! It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything on here and I hate that. I even made a few goals to blog more this year, and I haven’t followed through at all and it’s already February!!

Anyway, I have a few exciting projects coming up, and I will be sure to fill you in 🙂

Do you remember way back in September, I wrote about the beginning of my journey with Rodan + Fields? Well,  I would like to follow up on that post and give it a review. Before I do that, take a look at my before and after shots…


I was using the Unblemish regimen because that’s what the R+F test recommended to me. I am very happy with the results. I didn’t have one breakout during my 60 days, and almost all of my scaring disappeared. I was amazed! I also noticed changes in my skin tone. I no longer had blotchy red marks, and my face just looked brighter.

For the Unblemish regimen, it’s important to ease your skin into the product. I started out doing one regimen every other day for the first week. I then increased to one regimen every day. Then the third week I increased to two regimens per day (morning and night) I learned that my skin is pretty sensitive, and I ended up having to cut back to one regimen every other day after week three. I had an issues with my skin drying out. And with all the dryness came with extremely itchy skin! eventually I was able to ease into two regimens every day, it just took me some time. So, if you have sensitive skin, don’t get too hasty at the beginning. Because of this issue with me, I felt like a took a little while longer to notice results. But when I did start seeing some changes, It felt amazing!

My favorite part of the Unblemish Regimen – no oily face! I keep oil blotting sheets in my purse at all times, but I didn’t have to use them at all while using this product. YAY!

So, what’s next for me… Well, I love R+F. They have most definitely won me over. I would love to try a new regimen. I would love to see what the Reverse Regimen could do for me. After taking all these close up shots of myself, I have noticed TOO many fine lines. HOW IN THE WORLD DO I HAVE THAT ISSUE AT 24 YEARS OLD?!?!?! 🙁 So, I think that’s what’s next for me along with drinking more water and taking better care of health…

If you would like to try R+F for yourself, you can follow this link to get started. Feel free to ask Kayla any questions you may have. She’s the sweetest, and she truly has a passion for helping women feel comfortable in their own skin.


weekend links | series | 10

It has been far too long since I last posted some weekend links. It is hard in the summer to make myself sit down and write/think/be creative. I just want to take every chance to enjoy the sunshine. Because Summer in Michigan is wonderful but fleeting. Anyway, this weekend I plan to sit down, organize my thoughts, reevaluate my goals, and remind myself of how much I love “documenting” life. More on that later I’m sure…

It’s short and sweet this week because I have so much to catch you up on soon, and I need to get writing. Have a happy weekend.


**cover photo of Madeleine taken on my iPhone at our sleepover party a couple weekends ago, along with some “life lately” pics.**

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Weekend links | Series | 08

It’s already Friday. Time for some weekend links! I hope you have had a fantastic week. Mine started on a tired note… but for good reason. I returned home from Colorado at 2am Monday morning. It made for a rough start to the week, but totally worth it! I’d do it all over again. I will ponder on more from my trip next week. I promise.

As far as this weekend goes, It’s already off to a great start. My coffee was paid for by the gentleman in front of me this morning. And I am watching for my chance to pay it forward. There is so much truth to the statement, “A little bit of kindness goes a long way” So thank you for your kindness this morning, fella 😉  Cury and I are so excited to get to watch my nieces ALL weekend while their parents are away for their anniversary. We cannot wait! The girls are impossibly hard not to take pictures of, so I will be sure to share them with you.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your weekend links.


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weekend links|series|07

I can’t believe it’s already the weekend! I have a pretty great batch of weekend links for you today, But first, let me just take a second to express some gratitude. First, thank you to all who read this little blog of mine. I truly love the feeling of community it brings me. Thank you, to all those who were kind enough to comment on and ‘like’ the sneak peak photos I’ve been posting over on my Facebook page.  Positive feedback is everything for my business. I spend a lot of time working hard to make K. LaVoy Photo unique. And even more time dreaming up a plan for each photo session I do, so to hear any kindness from it makes me feel like I’m floating 😉 I am definitely in love with what I get to do.

**Pictured on the right is Madeleine, Kiki (me) and new baby Norah. Congrats to Aimee, Matt, and Madeleine on the new addition. She’s absolutely lovely** 


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weekend links | series | 06

It’s Friday!

I hope you have had a wonderful week 🙂 We certainly have over here. We got our plants in the ground and I have already noticed changes in the little guys. I can’t take any credit of their growth though.. it’s clear that God and his earth take better care of my plants than I do as the ones indoors die.

And speaking of nature and God.. Could you please give us a beautiful sunset again? We really need one for Taylor and Andrews engagement shoot that we have had to reschedule twice now. 

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