Jess+Jake Maternity // Cooper James newborn

Life has been a whirlwind these days. Especially for the Hollenbecks. I’m so excited to not only share Jake and Jess’s maternity photos, but also Cooper James’s newborn photos! He’s a handsome little guy and I feel so lucky to have been the one to capture one of his first days of life. I’ve been with them a couple times since they had Cooper, and each time I’ve noticed instantly how blissfully happy they look. Cooper is a lucky boy to have such great parents, and as you’ll see in the photos to follow, they are just as lucky to have him.
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Lauren’s Baby Bump

I recently had the extraordinary privilege of taking maternity photos for the Simon family. It was a perfect day. It was warm and sunny, the back drop was stunning, and Lauren and Nick were as cute as ever. 

As usual, it took one or two clicks of the camera for everyone to feel at ease. And once that happened, it happened. Lauren and Nick were naturals in front of the camera. Lauren kept asking, “Does this  look right?” then she would look to Nick and smile or say something funny and they would both laugh. They were simply being themselves, and that is where good pictures are born 😉 

The rest of the session was filled with me asking one hundred questions about the nursery and her pregnancy, and their excitement level… Lauren and Nick have made the decision not to know the sex of the baby before the baby is born. So their excitement level may be a little higher than most 🙂 As we walked and talked and looked for good picture spots, Nick was attentive to Lauren’s every move. He would hold her hand, help her get ready for each pose, he even helped her by getting the grass and dirt off the bottom of her pumps. I feel lucky that my job allows me to witness love it so many different forms. Whether it’s a groom’s first glance at his bride or a couple expecting their first child, each moment is filed with pure, raw, beautiful love. That’s definitely my favorite part. 

Lauren and Nick, I couldn’t be happier for you. Baby Simon is one lucky little babe. 



 **photos were taken at Hidden Lake Gardens – Tipton, MI**

Expecting… twins!

Have you ever seen a cuter pregnant lady! As I have mentioned more than one other time, my brother, Zach and his lovely wife, Ashley are expecting identical twin ladies this December. We all feel extremely lucky and grateful to have them joining our family. This session was so special for me. First because Ashley is an artist (like a real artist) and the fact that she chose ME to do their maternity photos puts me on a high I’m not sure I will ever come down from.. Second, they are such a beautiful couple and naturals in front of a camera. And third, those are MY nieces in that beautiful belly!

Thank you, Zach and Ash.. I love you all so much





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expecting… baby girl Engle

Caleb and Lydia are having a little girl! And we couldn’t be happier for them. They are the first of several couples in Cury’s family to have a girl. Boy genes apparently run very strong. Their son, Titus is going to be the best big brother. I can picture him teaching her all kinds of fun things.

If you don’t know already, Caleb is one of Cury’s seven brothers. And Lydia is of course Caleb’s beautiful wife. She is from Tennessee and has the most charming Southern accent. This little family means a great deal to me and Cury. They are kind and thoughtful and always striving for the greater good. I love you guys, and my heart is so happy for you. I can’t wait to meet this sweet babe in November!!


expecting… baby Reina

I had the privilege to photograph the lovely Manasee and Bill.  Little Reina is in for a treat having these two for parents because they are great people – sweet, kind, and down to earth- just the personalities I like to be around…

Anyway, their photo shoot went just as planned. Perfect weather and a great location. We went out to Dexter and got some shots by the Huron River behind the library. I always love taking clients out that way. The lighting is always ideal no matter what time of day or what the weather holds. Plus, there’s nothing like a river in the back round to add some drama. 



20140802_5327Aren’t they the sweetest? I wish you guys nothing but the best these next couple of months. Baby Reina, you are already so loved. Do you see it? Do you feel it? 😉

I can’t wait to take newborn pictures! I think she’s going to be a beauty with that Indian culture in her.