Photographing Madelyn and Katy was easy peasy! Katy already has this big sister business down. She was as helpful as she was precious – swooning over her new baby sis. Madelyn is as sweet as ever with an even sweeter face!

Warning: the following photos may induce baby fever.

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A while back I had the privilege of photographing this cutie. Little Claire. Most all babies are adorable and precious, but I feel extra happiness when the baby I’m taking pictures of already has model qualities. 😉

enjoy a few images of this darling babe.

xo, Kendra 20150928_204320150928_216820150928_212720150928_209320150928_205820150928_211420150928_204520150928_217120150928_206820150928_2086

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Jess+Jake Maternity // Cooper James newborn

Life has been a whirlwind these days. Especially for the Hollenbecks. I’m so excited to not only share Jake and Jess’s maternity photos, but also Cooper James’s newborn photos! He’s a handsome little guy and I feel so lucky to have been the one to capture one of his first days of life. I’ve been with them a couple times since they had Cooper, and each time I’ve noticed instantly how blissfully happy they look. Cooper is a lucky boy to have such great parents, and as you’ll see in the photos to follow, they are just as lucky to have him.
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Charlotte Ella

Sweet baby Charlotte is here and growing so quickly. Each time I’ve seen her, she looks like a different baby. (and somehow even cuter!) I got to take her newborn pictures, and I thought I’d share them with you. Who doesn’t love looking a cute baby girl and her smitten parents 🙂

Cheers to you Lauren + Nick!


Rory and Hudson

Dear Rory and Hudson,

Welcome to the world, little angels. I’ve never been a huge fan of calling someone an angel. I’m not sure why. But you two, that’s exactly what you are.  The happiness that we felt took over our hearts when we found out your mom and dad were expecting a baby. We were thrilled for them and to have you. Little did we know there were two of you in her belly! I will never forget that day. After your mom popped the first balloon, and the pink confetti poured out, we hugged and celebrated. Sure, we would have been happy whether boy or girl, but I was SO happy to soon have a niece. Then your mom pulled out a second balloon… a second balloon? two? what? She looked at us and said “this one is for her identical twin sister.” What?! You’re joking! Nope. They weren’t joking. As soon as we all realized that she wasn’t joking, instant tears of absolute happiness filled everyone’s eyes. And let me tell you, your mom and dad seemed pretty overwhelmed.  No one could blame them. But they were so happy. Your dad kept looking at your mom with a look that said, “life doesn’t get better” Rory and Hudson, you are so loved. Your dad and mom are two of the best people I know, and you are just as lucky to have them as they are to have you.

I love you, pretty girls. We all do.

xo – Aunt Dree


Welcome, Reina

I received a text from Manasee the other day. It read, “Guess what… we had a baby.”  I was of course thrilled to hear that everything went smoothly and that baby Reina is here! The text followed up with requesting a newborn session. So here she is.. Baby Reina