casey + ryan // in home session

These lovely humans invited me into their home (their first home together) and I am so grateful for the opportunity. They are currently in the process of completely gutting the house and remodeling it. I am filled with admiration for these two.  I loved the idea of shooting their session in their uncompleted house. It gave me the opportunity to be creative in using surrounding elements that I’m not used to. Plus, how cool for their (someday) kiddos to be able to look at these images of their parents at the beginning of their journey together, chasing their dreams, and being completely in love. Thank you, Casey & Ryan! 

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Carsyn Jai

Miss Carsyn recently turned one year old.  This lady is just as sweet as she is cute. She was so happy to show me all the things cool she can do.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, Jessie and Josh, for allowing me to capture these little memories for you that I hope you’ll cherish forever.  It’s so evident through your loving ways that Carsyn adores the both of you. And happy birthday, Carsyn!

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Personality is the word I would use to describe 8 month old Max. We never know how babes will respond to the camera but when Max’s Mom and Dad set him in the grass, he instantly wanted to show me all the neat things he knows how to do – he crawled around for me and even pulled himself up a few times! I was impressed, Max 😉  You are SO cute!

Have a happy Thursday, loves!

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Charlotte Ella

Sweet baby Charlotte is here and growing so quickly. Each time I’ve seen her, she looks like a different baby. (and somehow even cuter!) I got to take her newborn pictures, and I thought I’d share them with you. Who doesn’t love looking a cute baby girl and her smitten parents 🙂

Cheers to you Lauren + Nick!


Rory & Hudson – 6 months

Sweet Little nieces of mine, are you really already six months old? You can’t be! You both are growing so sweet and strong and beautifully. My favorite thing about you, Rory, is when you do that smile that you kind of close your eyes and turn to the side- almost as if you’re blushing. It’s the sweetest thing. Hudson, my favorite thing about you so far is how easy it is to make you giggle that sweet giggle you have. It makes your auntie laugh.

Ashley asked if I could help her with the twin’s six month pictures, and of course, I will jump at any chance to photograph these cuties. Ashley has done an incredible job with their monthly photos. each shoot has had a different theme, and she is so great at catching the girl’s personality. Which I will say is a difficult task. The twins are happy 99% of the time, but it is tough catching them both smiling and looking. Most of their month photo shoots were taken while Ash was working. She is super mom. I am so inspired by that lady. For this shoot, Ashley got out her wedding gown. (That is the pretty white backdrop) You see, so much creativity! I love it!

And I love you, Zach, Ash, Rory, and Hudson

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Norah Marie

Welcome, little Norah. You are so sweet.

Norah is Madeleine’s new baby sister. If you know me, you have probably heard of Madeleine and her sweet family more than once. The Lashbrook/Kazmierski family have a special place in my heart. They are the first family I nannied for, and it was as if they made it their mission to make me feel as though I was a part of their family from the beginning. Madeleine was our flower girl at our wedding and I am now Madeleine’s (fairy) godmother. So we are all pretty close knit. And now the family has grown even bigger and sweeter with miss Norah (commonly called Sunny)

Norah girl, you won the lottery when you were placed in this family, and I can tell already that they feel the same about you.


Ilse’s 90th birthday

I met Roxanne through Cury. They work together over at Prestige Title in Adrian. Roxanne wanted to make her Mother in law, Ilse’s 90th birthday special. She planned a surprise birthday brunch at the Clinton Inn, and everything came together flawlessly. They had a great turn out, Ilse was so surprised, and we were able to get it all on camera 🙂

Good work, Roxanne! and Happy Birthday, Ilse!



Rory and Hudson

Dear Rory and Hudson,

Welcome to the world, little angels. I’ve never been a huge fan of calling someone an angel. I’m not sure why. But you two, that’s exactly what you are.  The happiness that we felt took over our hearts when we found out your mom and dad were expecting a baby. We were thrilled for them and to have you. Little did we know there were two of you in her belly! I will never forget that day. After your mom popped the first balloon, and the pink confetti poured out, we hugged and celebrated. Sure, we would have been happy whether boy or girl, but I was SO happy to soon have a niece. Then your mom pulled out a second balloon… a second balloon? two? what? She looked at us and said “this one is for her identical twin sister.” What?! You’re joking! Nope. They weren’t joking. As soon as we all realized that she wasn’t joking, instant tears of absolute happiness filled everyone’s eyes. And let me tell you, your mom and dad seemed pretty overwhelmed.  No one could blame them. But they were so happy. Your dad kept looking at your mom with a look that said, “life doesn’t get better” Rory and Hudson, you are so loved. Your dad and mom are two of the best people I know, and you are just as lucky to have them as they are to have you.

I love you, pretty girls. We all do.

xo – Aunt Dree


this beautiful family

Getting to be around this family for an hour was a big blessing to me. Elizabeth and her family were darling to watch interact. Their little girl is a firecracker.. always trying to get you to laugh. What a wonderful trait to have already! Amy and her family are just as great. So much love- you could feel it.

Thank you all for being a Christmas blessing to me. This family is beautiful.

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