Hannah + Thomas

20160813_3277Hannah and Thomas’s fruit farm wedding featured gorgeous blush shades and gold tones, chic style, and the couple’s special talents in crafting. After deciding to have their wedding at Meckley’s flavor fruit farm, the couple DIYed their wedding signs and stationary, constructed the bar, and even built and decorated the stunning arches. I did my very best to capture every detail, from Hannah’s handmade dress, to the emotional first look with the bride’s brothers.

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Eric + Anne

20160901_7403Eric and Anne’s handmade backyard wedding made me a little jealous that Cury and I didn’t do our wedding this way. It was so beautiful and sweet, surrounded by love and family, it made their wedding day everything it should be. I guess when two artists fall in love and get married, it’s bound to be one of the sweetest weddings you will ever see… Thank you, Eric & Anne for allowing me the privilege to capture your special day. You two inspire me.  xx

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The O’Learys glam wedding

Dani and Sean are a laid back couple with impeccable style. And that statement proves pretty obvious once you see all the shiny statement pieces scattered throughout their day. The couple wanted a wedding that would reflect their relationship as much as possible, and I think they succeeded with flying colors. Take a look for yourself  😉

Cheers, Dani + Sean!

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Dress: BHLDN

Hair: Jessie Skeels at Bad Hair Day? salon

Earrings: Anthropologie 

Neck tie & suspenders: The Grunion Run

Grooms Attire: thrifted (Banana Republic sweater and pants)

Cuff links: Etsy.com – Tanja Sova

Tie clip: Etsy.com – Bairds Cajun Carvings 

Cake: Zingerman’s Bakehouse

**table scape was thrifted & florals were purchased at Trader Joe’s** 


destination. . . MEXICO!

I am leaving the country tomorrow morning to wrap up my last wedding for the year. Stephanie and Blair are getting hitched in sunny Mexico! It’s going to be a great time, and I will be sure to post photos over on Instagram.

That being said, I will be out of the office from 5pm tonight (12/8) through Monday morning (12/14) Feel free to email me during those times, however, I will not be able to respond until Monday morning 🙂

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