Charlotte is two!

My word for Charlotte is… sass. But really, what two year old isn’t a little sassy? I met Charlotte and her sweet parents, Cara and Chris, through Aimee (Madeleine and Norah’s mama) and I feel so lucky because they are some of the greatest people. Our goal throughout Charlotte’s session was to capture Charlotte being Charlotte- sweet, sassy, beautiful little Charlotte. I picked up right away Cara and Chris like to let Charlotte express herself however she pleases. There was no “look at the camera, be still, smile, sit up straight…” And that is what I live for during sessions with the little ones. It is the best way to catch a candid shot. Plus, they are much less likely to have a meltdown when they are playing and showing off their toys.

Thanks again, Cara, Chris, and Charlotte for inviting me into your home to capture a special time in Charlotte’s life.

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