Christmas Tree farm shoot

I wanted to first thank everyone who took me up on my Holiday special. I loved the idea of doing a shoot with a theme attached. For the Lashbrook family it was Christmas tree farm! We all teamed up, got a little creativity going, and had a blast in the subzero temperatures. We had frozen toddlers and antsy dogs, but we made it… not only did we make it, but we had a lot of fun. The Lashbrook family has been like a second family to me. I had the extraordinary privilege of being Madeleine’s (the pictured 4 year old) nanny for her whole life thus far. And Hailey’s nanny (the pictured one year old) for her whole first year. And while that chapter has come to an end, we all have a bond that will never break. I love this family more than my words can say.

The girl’s grandma asked me to take their holiday photos, and I was flattered, honored, and thrilled. This family is full of artists and photographers. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity and for always giving me the support that makes this job feel good. Matt (Madeleine’s dad) set up this blog for me. He is great at what he does and I am forever grateful for all his help.

You all are the best!


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