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My recent trip to Colorado was so short but perfect. I am pretty convinced that shorter trips are actually better. Because we knew we only had a few days to explore the city, we packed an activity into each hour we were there. One of my best friends from high school, Rebekah, lives too far away from me, and I unfortunately only get to see her one or two times each year. She snapchated (<-not sure if that’s a word yet) me to look up flights to Denver so we could meet up. Turns out they can be pretty cheap. I used Expedia to search for my flight. I was able to fly to Denver on Delta airlines and fly home on Spirit for just $150. Not bad! So we talked about dates for the next 24 hours and then our trip was booked! I am not known to do things like this, but I can definitely see myself doing it again soon 🙂 11412225_10206670970586770_9033374846563963643_o

We stayed with Beka’s friend, Josh. He was so kind to not only let us crash at his place, but he literally planned out our entire trip- right down to the best coffee shops in the city.. and they truly were the best! And then to top it off, he saved us the $500 they were charging us to rent a car (damn 25 years old rule..) and drove us everywhere. It was so wonderful to not have to worry about that part. Thanks so much, Josh!

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The photos with the red rocks were taken at Garden of the Gods. It was beautiful. It was very busy, but it was also a Saturday…however, there were plenty pf places to explore that were not so congested.

Beka insisted that I needed photos of myself too, so I handed my camera over. She took about 25 shots and this is the best one. I’m going to save Beka and say that my camera is much more complex than an iphone, and as for my face – this is my “holy crap I actually made it up this mountain” face.

20150617_4387 20150617_437720150617_440120150617_4432Josh works at the Air force academy so we got a little tour. It was so pretty, especially the chapel (pictured above)

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I loved how artistic the town felt. Josh took us to an old elementary school that had been transformed into a little market place. The old classrooms had each been taken over by businesses. The principal’s office was a little bar called “the principal’s office” (so cute!) There was a little health food market that sold local goods. Everything was an opportunity to rebuild and regrow.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of our last night in Colorado. We were too lost in good conversation, incredible food, and people watching to have our phones out. We went back to the house after an entire day of walking, got all dressed up, and headed into town for dinner and “spirit tastings” at the art gala. We had so. much. fun. We went to dinner at a little underground restaurant called The Rabbit Hole. It was a restaurant inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Everything we ate was fantastic. The art gala had a fun atmosphere. They had a DJ, free drinks, everyone was dressed up, and all the art was inspired by light- a little out there for me, but kinda cool. The people serving us drinks were also the distillers. So it was kind of neat listening to the process.

I could write and write about the fun I had in Colorado, but I will wrap it up because I have to get to your weekend links 😉 It was so nice to have a bit of a break from life, good conversations, explore a new place, and just have some fun. I felt nothing but gratitude on my flight back to Michigan. Grateful to Beka for the idea, to Josh for taking care of.. let’s be honest.. everything, and to God for all the privileges life offers us. I was a little anxious about flying solo for the first time. The plane took off and I looked toward the window then closed my eyes until I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face. I opened my eyes to see billows of clouds beneath me and all the anxiety went away as if it never existed, and I just felt grateful- grateful that I even have the opportunity to see the world from this view.

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