Dani + Sean

Dani + Sean, you are totally that couple that every photographer wants to have in front of their camera. I could not take a bad photo of you two! Complete naturals.

Dani emailed me before the shoot to warn me that they are awkward and have never had pictures done. (most of my clients tell me this) It’s normal to be be nervous when you’re being photographed. I, myself, would way rather be behind the camera than in front of it. But the key to a great photo session is being natural, not acting natural, being natural and being yourself. Dani and Sean are masters at being themselves. They talked to each other the whole time. Sean would make a face at her during the “gaze into each other’s eyes shots” and Dani would burst into laughter. Even when they were laughing hysterically, they looked freakin adorable. I had the best time getting to know them a little better, and I am so excited for their big day this July!!

**This session took place at the Toledo Botanical Gardens in Toledo, Ohio**

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