Dani + Sean

I have had the most relaxing time today getting all caught up on blogging. It’s a gloomy Autumn day, music carrying on in the background, the space heater is keeping my feet warm, and I get to sort through some of my favorite past sessions. I have quite a few sessions to go through, and my subtle case of OCD is getting very annoyed that I’m not posting in order. ugh. oh well.

This session was taken this past March believe it or not. Look at all that snow in the background.. in March! It did make for some beautiful shots though. Dani and Sean are getting married this December in Plymouth. Since I didn’t know Dani and Sean prior to taking pictures, I gave Dani a little questionnaire to fill out for me, and all I can say is these two are so sweet and love one another so much. It was beautiful get to watch them interact. After I had told them how cute they are to watch, Dani said, “It’s the best feeling to know when you’ve found someone who gets you.” then she kissed Sean.

Dani and Sean, you’re adorable and I wish you the best! 

*photo locations: U of M law quad, Dexter Library, Huron River, downtown Ann Arbor* 



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