friday links + playlist


I haven’t done weekend links in way too long, but I’m feeling really on top of shit, so let’s give it a go! Have a fantastic weekend -xx


+ Did you check out yesterday’s post? #cranes4roger

+ I’m way too excited to experiment with smoke grenades soon… pictures to follow, of course 😉

+ Did you guys catch the new Fall show, This is Us? omg, watch it!

+ I am by no means trying to rush through Fall, but I did hear that She & Him has a new Christmas album coming out October 28th.

+ I need a new good book to read. recommendations are wanted & appreciated! I read, The Girl on the Train last year, and loved it. The movie will be in theaters Oct. 7th!

+ A few new regular restaurants we go to here, here, and here.

+ This is so simple and so pretty.

Here’s a playlist for your Friday. There’s no rhyme or reason with the genres…

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