I’m sure, after this week, you would think I am full of myself with all these pictures of me. But I promise you, I’m not! I way rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

I’ve been festering on what to post about today. I wanted to have a fun-loving last post of my “launch week” but as you can see from the over dramatic photos above.. it’s not really going in that direction. Plus, I had the longest drive home from work last night. Snow was drifting all over the roads, I couldn’t exceed 30mph, and now my back is all in knots from keeping so tense and driving cautiously. All that to say, I’m not getting much fun-loving inspiration.

Enough complaining though.. it’s Friday! I titled this post gratitude because aside from all the back knots, that’s what I have been feeling all week. Gratitude. I am so grateful for how this week has gone. Cury helped me by taking photos, giving me a second opinion, and lending me sweet encouragements and little kisses all week. Without Cury, I would have second guessed everything. You know, It’s a blessing to have someone who makes you feel good about yourself. Someone who loves the things you’re insecure about. Because, if you’re like me, you tend to be hard on yourself and read into everything-  like, “I posted it and nobody has even liked it yet! It must suck!” Everyone needs that person who calmly tells you that “Maybe some people need more than a few seconds to read it, Kendra.”

I’m feeling gratitude for Rebeca Pineda for first, not making me feel horrible when I didn’t catch auto correct misspelling her name yesterday. 🙁 ugh. . and second, for taking the time to write up a stellar post yesterday. It takes so much work and I sprung it on her kinda last minute. We loved having you, Becky. Your free spirit and love for simple beauty is contagious. Cury and I are now dreaming up a trip 😉

And of course for you, reader. I thought I would be so lucky to get 100 Facebook “likes” As of 11:07 Thursday night, I have 192 likes! I can’t properly describe the love I have felt this week. It’s hard to put yourself out there not knowing what you’ll get in return. I want to be successful in my photography business. I want to have fun and post about love, struggle, and real life things. But mostly, through both of those  avenues, I want to connect with people. I want my clients to know how important they are to me. I want them to know that their event/session is important and special to me. I have always felt that I’m not great with the words – which is probably why I love taking pictures so much – but I hope you can see and feel my gratitude to you for coming along with me on this journey of mine. Your comments and “likes” have meant the world to me this week. You have reassured me of my dreams and plans, and I can’t thank you enough for it.

okay, enough with the heavy. . here are some Friday jams 🙂

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thank you to all who participated  🙂


xo, Kendra


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