Life lately. . .

I haven’t posted much on here lately. Life has been a little busy, and I can’t complain. Though I do really miss having free time to sort my thoughts, create, and connect through here. Here’s a little look into my life (God, have I thanked you for it lately? I am so grateful.) through some Instagram photos.

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o n e  daydreaming of palm trees, blue skies, and a warm breeze

t w o holding babies.. so many babies and loving being an aunt

t h r e e suffering a horrible cold. I haven’t been sick in two years, so I guess I was due

f o u r  Enjoying coffee with Cury. He bought me a Chemex for my birthday. We used it the first time Saturday morning. We love it. 

f i v e Celebrating my birthday. I celebrated it with my mom last Sunday. Some girl talk was long overdue. The only thing that would have made time with Lex and my mom better would have been if Ash could have joined us. But I did get to celebrate with the other half of my family Saturday night. It was awesome. We had Zingerman’s cater and instead of cake- we had a Grand Traverse cherry chocolate pie. It was a great evening. We unfortunately didn’t get any pictures. I guess we were too busy living in the moment 🙂 

s i x snuggling with Otis. He’s the best dog. 

s e v e n seeing the Impractical Jokers at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. It was my gift to Cury for Christmas. Good food and drinks (at Oak City Grille) and So many laughs. 

e i g h t admiring His artistry. This Michigan weather has been brutally cold, but we have had clear skies, sunny days, and the most beautiful sunsets. 

n i n e Buying, yet, another plant. The newest member of our plant family. My first ever air plant. The lady at the store said they require no soil. All they need is a little bit of love and water every now and then. simple enough, right? Let’s hope so. 

t e n Spending all my extra time with Cury. I would love to take a moment to give thanks to Cury.  He went above and beyond to make my birthday special. He took the day off work, and took me to the tanger outlets in Howell. I loved being just the two of us. He also spoiled me with the most perfect gifts – the Megan Trainor record, #Girlboss, a new t-shirt from one of my favorite Etsy shops- Bad Pickle Tees. It was such a great day. 

Twenty-three- it had a rough start. It was the hardest year of my life. But it was good. I got three new nieces, I started this website and launched my business, and I can’t complain about that.




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