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Thank you for all the love and support yesterday in liking this blog’s “fan page” Cury would tell you that I couldn’t stop smiling all day. I have been very nervous to make the leap from hobby to profession, but now that it’s done, it feels so good! All thanks to you 😉 Be sure to visit yesterday’s post to enter the giveaway or rack up more points!

Anyway, I promised a project, so a project you’ll get! This past Summer, Cury built a pergola in our back yard. He did an outstanding job. But I (always needing something more unique) wanted to add a couple outdoorsy decorations. Well, patio furniture and decor is pricey. So, he and I decided to put our creative minds together and we came up with something that I absolutely love. It was cheap, easy, and just the unique I was looking for.

what you will need: 

labled supplies

step one depending on the size of the basket your, cut the garland about a foot long. You will want it to hang 3-4 inches beyond the basket.


step two use a 5″ piece of floral wire to attach your garland to the basket. You will probably need three pieces of wire per strand to secure the top middle and bottom.



we spaced our garland pieces 3 slots apart from each other. Continue this step until the basket is full of leafy beautifulness 😉


step three Fill in the gaps with branches from the already attached garland.


depending on how full you want your pendant to look, you may want to add more strands of garland with the leftover pieces.  And don’t be afraid to hot glue the rebellious leaves 😉


step four grab your rope and piece of wood Make sure the wood fits the basket.


Fold the rope in half.


Loop the rope around the block of wood as shown



step five put the rope in the basket opening- ends first- and pull the through.

20150105_554520150105_5546There you have it!



We loved it so much that I also wanted one for inside. I’m thinking we may make it into a lamp using these cool bulb things. I like the garland I used for this one better..


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