Make 02: yarn decor

Happy Wednesday!

This DIY is elementary school level, yet Cury and I managed to get the green yarn completely knotted up. After an hour of frustration, I decided that. . I didn’t like green anyway 😉

What I love about this wall hanging is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a wall hanging, you can hang it on the back of a chair, the side of a shelf, a mantle, pretty much anywhere. . . 

what you will need


what you will do

Measure out the length you want your yarn to drape by draping it over the stick.


Cut the yarn to size and repeat until the yarn is full to your liking.


Then cut an extra piece of yarn (about 12″ long) and wrap it around the top of the yarn. This will ensure the yarn doesn’t unravel off the stick. After you’ve wrapped it around double knot the ends and cut off the excess pieces as shown below.

20150117_693120150117_6932 20150117_6933 20150117_6938

Next, cut off the ends to ensure all your yarn pieces are hanging evenly.

20150117_6939 20150117_6943

20150117_6947Repeat these steps until your satisfied with how it looks. When your ready, tie your rope/twine around each end of the stick and you’re done!


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