Rebekah’s glam shoot

This Summer my high school friend, Rebekah, came back to Michigan for a visit. We had the best time catching up and making new memories. I consider it a privilege to make a new friend, but their is something comforting and warm about talking with someone who knows you and has traveled a similar path…

When I mentioned my blogging/photography business that I was striving for, we got a little carried away dreaming up ideas to make my website unique. Bek, thanks for all the fun that night. Sipping on wine, eating pasta, and dreaming away- it was much needed quality time and so good for my soul.

I asked Beka if she’d be willing to model for me, and being the supportive friend she is, she said yes. And I couldn’t be happier with how these photos turned out. Baka is a fashionista. She would say fashion is just a topic she happens to like, but really, the girl knows her stuff. She’s great at mixing and matching colors, patterns, textures.. I am lucky to have her 🙂



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