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Hey everyone! It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything on here and I hate that. I even made a few goals to blog more this year, and I haven’t followed through at all and it’s already February!!

Anyway, I have a few exciting projects coming up, and I will be sure to fill you in 🙂

Do you remember way back in September, I wrote about the beginning of my journey with Rodan + Fields? Well,  I would like to follow up on that post and give it a review. Before I do that, take a look at my before and after shots…


I was using the Unblemish regimen because that’s what the R+F test recommended to me. I am very happy with the results. I didn’t have one breakout during my 60 days, and almost all of my scaring disappeared. I was amazed! I also noticed changes in my skin tone. I no longer had blotchy red marks, and my face just looked brighter.

For the Unblemish regimen, it’s important to ease your skin into the product. I started out doing one regimen every other day for the first week. I then increased to one regimen every day. Then the third week I increased to two regimens per day (morning and night) I learned that my skin is pretty sensitive, and I ended up having to cut back to one regimen every other day after week three. I had an issues with my skin drying out. And with all the dryness came with extremely itchy skin! eventually I was able to ease into two regimens every day, it just took me some time. So, if you have sensitive skin, don’t get too hasty at the beginning. Because of this issue with me, I felt like a took a little while longer to notice results. But when I did start seeing some changes, It felt amazing!

My favorite part of the Unblemish Regimen – no oily face! I keep oil blotting sheets in my purse at all times, but I didn’t have to use them at all while using this product. YAY!

So, what’s next for me… Well, I love R+F. They have most definitely won me over. I would love to try a new regimen. I would love to see what the Reverse Regimen could do for me. After taking all these close up shots of myself, I have noticed TOO many fine lines. HOW IN THE WORLD DO I HAVE THAT ISSUE AT 24 YEARS OLD?!?!?! 🙁 So, I think that’s what’s next for me along with drinking more water and taking better care of health…

If you would like to try R+F for yourself, you can follow this link to get started. Feel free to ask Kayla any questions you may have. She’s the sweetest, and she truly has a passion for helping women feel comfortable in their own skin.


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