Rory & Hudson – 6 months

Sweet Little nieces of mine, are you really already six months old? You can’t be! You both are growing so sweet and strong and beautifully. My favorite thing about you, Rory, is when you do that smile that you kind of close your eyes and turn to the side- almost as if you’re blushing. It’s the sweetest thing. Hudson, my favorite thing about you so far is how easy it is to make you giggle that sweet giggle you have. It makes your auntie laugh.

Ashley asked if I could help her with the twin’s six month pictures, and of course, I will jump at any chance to photograph these cuties. Ashley has done an incredible job with their monthly photos. each shoot has had a different theme, and she is so great at catching the girl’s personality. Which I will say is a difficult task. The twins are happy 99% of the time, but it is tough catching them both smiling and looking. Most of their month photo shoots were taken while Ash was working. She is super mom. I am so inspired by that lady. For this shoot, Ashley got out her wedding gown. (That is the pretty white backdrop) You see, so much creativity! I love it!

And I love you, Zach, Ash, Rory, and Hudson

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