S+B | Wedding in Mexico

20151218_1461As you know, back in December, I was given the chance to fly to Mexico and celebrate the wedding of Stephanie and Blair. We all had an incredible time at the Iberostar Paraiso beach Resort. The weekend was filled with lounging at the beach, spending time with family, and of course the all inclusive perks… alcohol and food 😉

The weather could not have been more perfect. Especially on the big day. Everything was taken care of flawlessly. I was very impressed with the resort. Since it’s part of my job to stay with the bride all day, I got to see, first hand, all the word that went into making Stephanie and Blair’s day as perfect as it was.

But, of course, nothing can top the personality and love that the bride and groom bring to their day. I have yet to feel like I am at repeat wedding. Because each love is unique. For Steph and Blair, I would say that their love fits the description of love given in I Corinthians thirteen. Many couples choose to have this passage read at their wedding, so you’ve probably heard it before. The passage talks about what love is and what it is not. And Steph and Blair have it. They are both completely knitted into one another. It’s completely genuine and it doesn’t ask for attention from others. It’s a beautiful thing, and I am honored that to have been the one who captured it. Thank you, Stephanie and Blair.

Cheers to a life of happiness together!


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