twenty six

This is a delayed post, but I turned twenty-six on the 25th of February. It was a birthday celebration week. I told Cury a long time ago that birthdays for us will always be a week long celebration because… why not? I love birthdays. Not getting older, but I have always loved that it’s a day that is completely your own and everyone around you is celebrating  your life. It’s a special thing, and I love it. My parents have always done well in celebrating our birthdays, so that’s probably where my love for birthdays came from.

Cury outdid himself this year. He gave me a little something everyday leading up to my birthday – he bought me lunch, flowers, he bought me coffee, and gave me the most perfect presents. I love you, Cur. thank you again for making me feel so special and for always being as excited as I am for my birthday. We had friends over Friday night (the night before my birthday) and they too made me feel so special and important. I am the luckiest to have so many wonderful people in my life. I’m grateful for them everyday, but I took some extra time to thank God for them that day. At exactly 12am, Cury shut off the lights and brought out a single inside out carrot cake moon pie from trader joes with a candle in it and everyone sang happy birthday to me. It made me tear up. I always tear up when someone sings happy birthday to me and when the ball drops on new years. I have no idea why. but I think it has something to do with going into another year of life. I feel like time kind of stops in those brief moments and i try to take it all in, and that makes me emotional. I made a wish that life would always be this happy and blew out my candle. Naturally, I was a feeling my wine at this point in the night, so, in my drunken state of mind, I excused myself to the restroom so that I could type out that moment in my phone. haha! apparently, I really didn’t want to forget it. while I was in the bathroom, Tracy Chapman’s song, Give me one reason to stay here, came on and I could hear everyone singing along and it made me so happy. (i made note of that too in my phone) 🙂

We went to my favorite winery Cherry Creek on Saturday and celebrated with my siblings, Dad, and Julie. everyone spoiled me with gifts because they know me so well, but I was just so happy to be with them, listening to live acoustic versions of our favorite songs and watching the twins dance with my dad. My sister and I ended the day with my mom and John, eating tacos and laughing a lot. My mom makes the. best. tacos. My mom has the warmest heart and she made me feel so loved.

Farewell to my twenty-fifth year of life. I grew a lot. I’ve accomplished much and I was forced to conquer some big hurdles at the start of it, but I did it. and I am stronger because of it. I have much to be grateful for even though life isn’t perfect. a few people i love have been dealing with very unfair situations in my twenty-fifth year, and it has broken my heart. i can’t fix their situation, but i love them, admire them for their strength, and learn from them. I thank God everyday for them, and ask Him to stay so close to them and to heal their hearts. It may seem kind of off track to be talking about that in a birthday post, but my people are my life and their happiness and heartbreak are a part of my life. Here are some good times from year 25. I’m so lucky and so thankful.

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