valentines day | gift guide for her


It’s been impossibly difficult to keep up with the blog side of this website. Mostly due to it being the slower season, but also because I have been taking full advantage of the time off. It’s been nice to be lazy for once! But, in my laziness, I have been doing a lot of online browsing/shopping. And I’ve come across a lot of great products. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d share a few unique gift ideas for a special lady in your life. I’ve also attached a playlist to get you in that love-y Valentines mood. Enjoy and happy shopping!


+ this Frida Kahlo print.

+ how beautifully feminine and artsy is this set?!

+ i’ll take 50 of these cuties!

+ i’ve never tries this look, but i may have to now…

+ Cury and I are headed for Italy in April (have I mentioned that here yet?)

+ i love these. i have three of them, but i want one in every color.

+ i know i’m a little behind in not having one of these, but it’s on my list, “things to buy before Italy trip”

+ and just because i love this woman’s voice so much.

+ cute, cute, cute!

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