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Happy weekend! I hope your Friday has been a great one so far. Mine has been.. well.. not great. haha! It all started this morning when I accidentally grabbed Cury’s keys instead of mine. I pulled into work, (in Ann Arbor-45 minutes from home) shut the car off, then began looking for the house key. That’s when I realized they were Cury’s keys. awesome. Well, I guess I’ll just have to knock to get inside. So I reached over to grab my purse when I saw my keys inside of it. oh. wow. even better. Not only did Cury not have the keys he needed for the day, but Cury also doesn’t have his key to drive his car. I immediately called him and apologized 1000 times for my moment of stupidity. Thankfully I have a good guy who’s response was laughter. (Oh the things I could learn from Cury…) He assured me that it was fine and that he would ask one of the 50 family members who live close by for a ride into work today. So Cury and my dad got some extra bonding time this morning 😉 Thank you, Dad. You saved us this morning! Though I’m sure now that I won’t ever hear the end of all the teasing.

The other thing that has made this Friday not so wonderful is the cold and snow that is still lingering. Why won’t you go away?!

Okay, there’s my rant. Now, I’m done complaining. Onto better things…

I have seen a lot of bloggers out there do a weekend links series. and I kinda like it.  I have come across tons of great resources while reading other “weekend link” posts. So, let’s give it a shot!

I have been consumed in this book. Cury got it for me for my birthday. I highly recommend it.

For all my brides out there, this dress is everything.

I want to redecorate our guest room after seeing this pin.

This poster print by Debbie Carlos is gorgeous. I want it in our bathroom. Plus, she’s from Lansing #shoplocal 😉

We have been juicing all kinds of yummy greens at our house. But this smoothie recipe is awesome. I made it when I was sick and it had me feeling better immediately.

I love this blog. She has so many great recipes.

If I were rich, I would drop $65 on these awesome wooden planters. Cury, I’m going to need you to figure out how to make these…

I have been a member of Birchbox for 2 months now, and I am loving it. They actually send good stuff, not junk! (what can I say, I’m a skeptic) I look forward to it every month. Plus, it’s only $10/mo.

Jimmy Fallon has always been the coolest.

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