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I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Do you have any big weekend plans? Cury and I have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow we are meeting my Mom for breakfast, then heading to my cousin’s baby shower. I can’t wait to spoil Megan and baby Andersen Renee 🙂 Sunday morning I will be heading to Lansing to see my Goddaughter, Madeleine, get baptized. I can’t wait to see them! After that, Cury and I will head to his family’s Easter dinner. 

And speaking of Easter… I wanted to take a brief moment to thank God for the beautiful world He created, for Jesus, and for the ability and opportunity to live a full and happy life. Christianity and religion is often associated with negativity- “do this”, “don’t do that”, “that’s an abomination”… I choose to let go of all of that. The simple truth is that God loves everyone and he wants us to love everyone, and that doesn’t sound so negative to me. (Matthew 22:36-39) I want to take this one, beautiful life and I want to live it well.

I came across some more positive thoughts to think on…

” We are products of a creative creator and I have such great confidence in His purpose for my life, that He designed me uniquely.”  Casey Wiegand

” Let my words be gracious & tender, let my actions be worthy of copying, help me to be always slow to react and quick to forgive.”  Casey Wiegand

“I believe that God has put in our souls big dreams and big yearnings, and with the Spirit living within us, those dreams are of Him. He knows what makes us come alive.”  M. Newsom photo

“Christ has shown us ultimate grace and has given us a gift we will NEVER have the means to repay, even if it was with all of our being, and His desire is for our heart. He knew we could not repay Him for his grace long before He made the choice to die for us. In fact, He knew our hearts would be cold and unthankful, but His heart was for us anyway. He chose us. And we have to choose to choose others.” (Matt. 5:40-42)  Heather Grace

Here are your weekend links. xoxo

+ I have so much admiration for this photographer.

+ This girl knows fashion.

+ I think I would have read more of my book report books if they looked like this. Does packaging make  that much of a difference to you? or am I crazy?

+ Love this company. A little pricey, but a great mission statement.

+ New mamas out there, if you’re looking for unique items for your baby, Etsy is the place to go. So many one-of-a-kind looks, like these.

+ Such a cool idea for your Instagram pics.

+ Another book recommendation for you. I try to read 1 or 2 parenting books a year- for my job and just to be prepared- and this one is fantastic. My favorite to date.

+ I love this project.

+ Excited for June 12th!

+ I’m very close to doing this.

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