Weekend Links |Series| 05

I’m back! My computer charger has finally arrived! I have SO missed sharing the weekend links with you. I hope you have had a beautiful week. The weather has been spectacular around here and it has made my mood pure bliss 🙂

So, how do you plan to spoil your Mom this weekend? We have decided to throw together a little outdoor pasta night for my Mom. If you remember a few “weekend links” back,  I mentioned wanting to have as many outside gatherings as possible.. well, we are on track. Cury and I have been working like madmen to get our outside area Spring ready. And I think it finally is. yay! I’ll try to post some photos next week and on Instagram this weekend. 

I also have a very special sunset engagement session with Taylor and Andrew this Saturday. (crossing all my fingers that the weather cooperates!) I will be shooting their wedding later this fall, and I can’t wait to get to know them a little better this weekend.

Well, I’ll get to it.. have a beautiful weekend. Give your mom a huge hug and tell her you love her. Here are your links!


+ Jimmy Fallon does it again.. and again. 

+ In case you missed Amber’s session yesterday, you can find it here.  

+ If only… 

+ Has anyone out there read this? What’s your opinion? 

+ This Moscow Mule Mocktail looks great! I’d make it a real one though… just my opinion 😉 

Some of my local favs – here, here, and here

+ Would love to do something like this this year. Could you imagine the amazing aromas?

+I just bought this new phone case. It’s more than what I would normally spend on a case, but so far, I’d say it was worth every penny- cute, sturdy, and compact. 

For all you garage sale-ers out there- here’s the map for Tecumseh’s city wide sales

+ Would love to soon add this to my recipe book collection.

+ If ever you need a pick me up, just head over to Ellen Degeneres’s “Good News” page. 

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