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It has been far too long since I last posted some weekend links. It is hard in the summer to make myself sit down and write/think/be creative. I just want to take every chance to enjoy the sunshine. Because Summer in Michigan is wonderful but fleeting. Anyway, this weekend I plan to sit down, organize my thoughts, reevaluate my goals, and remind myself of how much I love “documenting” life. More on that later I’m sure…

It’s short and sweet this week because I have so much to catch you up on soon, and I need to get writing. Have a happy weekend.


**cover photo of Madeleine taken on my iPhone at our sleepover party a couple weekends ago, along with some “life lately” pics.**

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11813375_1017218898329062_8822879566691072878_n 11831769_1017218704995748_8763612731729679312_n11834677_1017218774995741_1601890708162771269_o11822321_1017218888329063_4177260137529730157_n11229287_1017218771662408_1633927384962756709_n11823019_1017218764995742_3922149746240532860_o

+this kitchen has stolen my heart. 

+so much talent this couple has to offer.

+one day I will have a studio to decorate, meet with clients in, take pictures in… #youmaysayimadreamer

+i’ve mentioned this pretty lady’s blog before, but her blog and her beautiful family are worth mentioning again.

+cold brew coffee. i’m a fan.

+i’m planning my first ever styled shoot (more on that later) Green Wedding Shoes blog is so inspiring.

+i need to make this Mexican Street Corn soon. This stuff got me through college.

+Cury and I are going to Portland this October. Any tips?

+for the love of your heart, soul, and mind – do these!


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