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I can’t believe it’s already the weekend! I have a pretty great batch of weekend links for you today, But first, let me just take a second to express some gratitude. First, thank you to all who read this little blog of mine. I truly love the feeling of community it brings me. Thank you, to all those who were kind enough to comment on and ‘like’ the sneak peak photos I’ve been posting over on my Facebook page.  Positive feedback is everything for my business. I spend a lot of time working hard to make K. LaVoy Photo unique. And even more time dreaming up a plan for each photo session I do, so to hear any kindness from it makes me feel like I’m floating 😉 I am definitely in love with what I get to do.

**Pictured on the right is Madeleine, Kiki (me) and new baby Norah. Congrats to Aimee, Matt, and Madeleine on the new addition. She’s absolutely lovely** 


I want to do a little something to thank you for being so great, so here is 50% of everything over at my Etsy shop. Coupon expires Monday, June first. Use code: THANKYOU at checkout.

I’m a day late, but here are your weekend links!


Kelli Murray has the cutest kids clothes line

Dress your tech complementary wallpapers from Design Love Fest

Has anyone tried this company’s products?

Henry Thomas’s audition for ET – Acting is clearly a talent you must be born with…

this interests me…

Proof that your house can be adorable without everything matching

I would LOVE to learn calligraphy, and now I can take an online class to learn it.

I’m Vata.. what are you?

A few new blogs I may start keeping up with here, here, and here

I need these… 

These are my favorite Ellen’s hidden camera pranks. here and here 

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